South Dakota Quilters Guild

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The Registration Form for the 2017 Fall Retreat 

September 8-10, 2017

South Dakota Quilt Guild Registration Form

Fall Retreat, Red Rosa, Pierre

September 8-10, 2017

Early Registration Deadline for "Riverbanks Bucks" is August 15.


Name _______________________________________________________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________________


City ____________________________ State__________ Zip Code ______________________


Email Address _________________________________________________________________


Phone ____________________________________ Member _______ Non-Member_____

Registration Fee                        (for Facility Use)                                    $10.00    $           10.00

Non-Members Fee                                                                                   $20.00    $__________

Sew on Your Own Fee           (Only if not taking classes)                        $30.00   $__________

Friday Evening                       "Fabric Surprise:                      No Fee

Saturday Classes                 Sue Becker - Modern 9 Patch                     $60.00    $__________

  9:00-4:00                            Laura Kramp - Crazy Quilt Block                 $60.00    $__________ 

                                             Connie Bootz - Day and Night                     $60.00    $__________

Saturday 5:00                      SD Quilt Documentation Project   - No Fee 

Sunday Classes                   Ginny Gustad - Not Merely Sampler           $30.00    $___________

 9:00-12:00                           Sue Becker - Fabric Manipulation              $30.00     $___________


Friday Evening     6:00     Classic Club                                                   $ 7.00      $__________

Saturday Noon    12:00    Chicken Alfredo Penne                                  $15.00     $__________

Saturday Eve        6:00    Redrossa Pot Roast  or House Lasagna        $25.00     $__________

                                           (****Please Circle your choice****)

                                                Includes Trunk Show

                                          Trunk Show Only                                           $10.00     $__________

2017 Dues                          Membership Dues     (If Due)                       $20.00     $__________

Total                                                                                                                         $__________

**Please Note any Food Allergies __________________________________________________

Check if you wish to have an email or mailed Registration Confirmation  _______

Check if you need to have Connie Bootz order the Day and Night book for you for her class for $20.00 _____

                                     (You will pay Connie directly at the class on Saturday)

Make Checks to "SDQG"    Mail to Donna Cole, PO Box 536, Presho, SD 57568

Permission to Photograph: Yes    No     ____________________________Attendee's Signature  Date __________

If yes, you give the South Dakota Quilt Guild permission to photograph your quilt for SDQG promotional use

in publications, advertisements, catalogs and other printed or electronic materials.

The South Dakota Quilt Guild is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  While reasonable care will be taken to provide a secure facility, participants are encouraged to safely secure your items.