South Dakota Quilters Guild

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Please check back for theFall Retreat Registration Form

The Registration Form for the 2017 Spring Retreat 

April 7-9 2017

South Dakota Quilt Guild Registration Form

Spring Retreat, Chamberlain, SD

April 7-9, 2017

Registration Deadline


Name _______________________________________________________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________________


City ____________________________ State__________ Zip Code ______________________


Email Address _________________________________________________________________


Phone ____________________________________ Member _______ Non-Member_____

Registration Fee                        (for Facility Use)                                     $10.00   $           10.00

Non-Members Fee                                                                                    $20.00   $__________

Sew on Your Own Fee                                                                              $30.00   $__________

Friday Evening                       "Breakfast Club" Activities                          No Fee

Saturday Class                     Vicki Cooley Quilt Patterns on Board          $60.00    $__________


Saturday                               "Sew What Quilters" Activities                     No Fee


Sunday                                Sew on Your Own or Mystery Quilt



Friday Evening     6:00     Lasagna with breadstick and salad                  $15.00     $__________

Saturday Noon    12:00    Deli Sandwich, macaroni salad, & chips          $15.00     $__________

Saturday Eve        6:00    Chicken roast with baked potato,                     $20.00     $__________

                                           vegetable and dinner roll

Sunday Noon      12:00    Hot Beef on bread with mashed potatoes        $15.00     $__________

                                           and gravy

**Please Note any Food Allergies__________________________________________________  

2017 Dues                          Membership Dues                                          $20.00     $__________

Total                                                                                                                           $__________

Circle if you wish to have an email or mailed Registration Confirmation 

Make Checks to "SDQG"    Mail to Donna Cole, PO Box 536, Presho, SD 57568

Permission to Photograph: Yes    No     ____________________________Attendee's Signature  Date __________

If yes, you give the South Dakota Quilt Guild permission to photograph your quilt for SDQG promotional use

in publications, advertisements, catalogs and other printed or electronic materials.