South Dakota Quilters Guild

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Winds of Change Quilt Show Presentations and Demonstrations
The quilt show committee has several very interesting presenters for the quilt show.  Attendees should find these programs to be very entertaining and informative.  These programs will be held in the Banquet Room.
Saturday, June 6, 2015
10:00 AM  Barb Nicholson will present "Remember When - Quilted Vintage Tablecloths"  
                    It's a quilt show - don't touch the quilts, wear your white gloves (heaven forbid you have colored ones!). Well, I say 'hogwash'. At this trunk show you will not only get to hear me talk about tablecloth quilts, you also get to touch them - with bare hands.  And why not, they are all 50 to 75 years old.  They've been previously enjoyed and survived.  And they have all proven to be washable many times over - except now they don't have to be ironed.  So bring a friend, your mother, daughter, sister and your favorite vintage tablecloth and remember when there were no McDonalds - only Grandma's house.
                 There will be a question and answer segment at 11:00 to 11:45.

12:00 PM  Mary Fitzgerald will present "Quilt Historians Perspective"
                  The language of quilts and quilting, established at the turn of the Nineteenth Century, has grown and shifted.  Paper piecing in 1830 means an entirely different thing than paper piecing in the Twenty-first Century.  The language involving kits, piecing, embroidery, and crazy quilts remain the same, but the styles of each has changed dramatically.  As we remember  what is old is new again, we will examine antique and contemporary quilts that exhibit some of dichotomies. Numerous differences and similarities will be compared by viewing pairs of quilts that help us visualize the links between our past and present practice in quilting.  Some of the Aberdeen area quilts examined in the South Dakota Quilt Documentation Project will be used to explore these truths.
A question and answer segment at 2:00 until 2:45 will also be held.

2:00 PM    Lucky and Joan Peterson  "What's Old is New"
                Lucky Peterson was instrumental in starting the Aberdeen Area Modern Quilt Guild and will share the quilts that he and his wife Joan have made in the last few years.  Many of today's 'modern' quilt patterns have roots dating back to the 19th Century.  This session will explore how today's fabrics and freedom to change how a block is created influences the changes in quilt history.

7:00 PM  Mary Fitzgerald  "Quiltmakers of the Dakota Territory"  This is part of the banquet, but may be attending separately from the banquet.  Please check registration form for fees.
                 The men in Dakota Territory and South Dakota history receive well deserved credit for their accomplishments in establishing our state government and businesses.  Meanwhile, their mothers, wives, daughters remained in the shadows, establishing and managing the families, farms, ranches and businesses and giving counsel while the men traveled from home.  It is our purpose to bring these women from the shadows onto center stage to receive the credit they are due through the quilted treasures they left us.  Quilmakers in South Dakota have practiced their art from the Dakota Territory period until today.  This trunk show will deliver some of these quiltmakers and their work a platform with the larger purpose of finding and recording history of our maternal for-bearers.  At the same time Ms Fitzgerald will give pointers on learning to date quilts that may be in attendee's collections.

1:00 PM Peggy Hallstrom and guests  "Winds of Change Bed Turning"